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Why Harvest

Harvest Fund Advisors LLC is an investment advisory firm based in suburban Philadelphia. Since our founding in 2005, we have sought to capitalize on emergent opportunities in energy infrastructure master limited partnerships (MLPs) and U.S. energy markets for those institutions that entrust their capital with us. We do this via pooled investment vehicles and separately managed accounts, with the majority of our AUM coming from institutional investors including public pension plans, corporate plans, endowments, and foundations.

Our Mission

Harvest’s investors have placed their trust and confidence in us. Our mission is to earn that privilege anew each day and to richly reward our clients for their faith. We will act with honesty and integrity above all else, and we will focus exclusively on the best interests of our clients.

Competitive Advantage

We would highlight several factors that differentiate Harvest from peer firms:

  • Spend just a few minutes with us and you will quickly realize that we absolutely love what we do. We are passionate about energy markets and our clients.
  • Our Portfolio Manager was the former head of MLP Research for Credit Suisse. This experience forms the bedrock of our rigorous bottom-up fundamental analysis and provides Harvest with unique insight into evaluating investments and formulating investment portfolios for our clients based on long standing industry and management team contacts.
  • Our unique and extensive industry experience is married with best-in-breed research and proprietary modeling.
  • We work closely with clients to understand their goals and to, where appropriate, build a customized portfolio that is designed to capture returns with a commensurate amount of risk.
  • As active managers seeking to generate Alpha, we strive to effectively manage risk. This is a core responsibility. We believe managing risk includes both controlling it and ensuring that the level and types of risk taken are in line with each client’s goals.
  • We are a “boutique” investment advisor catering exclusively to institutional investors. We understand the demands and needs of institutional investors and strive to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Our track record is proven. However, we understand that each day is new and are committed to maintaining a diligent and repeatable process on behalf of those institutions that entrust us with their capital.