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MLPs & Energy

With our differentiated best-of-breed research and investment process, Harvest is a leader in MLP and energy infrastructure investing for institutional investors.

Our Thesis

We believe that:
  • MLPs are misunderstood and mispriced;
  • MLPs offer investors best-in-class yield with sustainable long-term growth prospects;
  • A favorable macro energy infrastructure backdrop, coupled with inherent cost-of-capital advantages, will enable MLPs to grow both organically and through acquisitions; and
  • MLPs will grow from a little-known and somewhat misunderstood investment into a defined real asset sector allocation, thereby rewarding institutional investors who invested for the long haul.

Our Investment Objective

Harvest’s investment objective is to deliver to our clients both high yield and stable growth, through the disciplined application of our investment and trading strategies to MLP and energy infrastructure assets.

Our return objectives are to generate positive, consistent, and stable risk-adjusted returns for our investors by exploiting market inefficiencies and the fundamental mispricing of MLPs and energy infrastructure assets. We use our fundamental, value-oriented, bottom-up research, analysis, and industry knowledge to generate alpha. Overall, we believe that not all MLPs are equal and that risk analysis at a security level is often misunderstood in our sector. Via detailed fundamental analysis, we have the ability to build concentrated portfolios for our clients that are well diversified and carry less risk, based on a myriad of financial and balance sheet metrics.

Our Investment Process

We employ a clear, disciplined investment process that utilizes our own proprietary qualitative models to identify long and short-term market opportunities. Our models reflect the cumulative experience and wisdom of our investment staff. Our qualitative approach is then considered in tandem with knowledge developed from our strong relationships with MLP management teams and our proprietary quantitative analysis. This ultimately results in our security selections and portfolio weightings.